What is a Furry Mink Cat?

What is a Furry Mink Cat: If you’ve been pondering what a mink-ragdoll is, We’ve got all the information you must learn here!

Today, we’ll clear any doubts about what is a mink ragdoll cat, what it appears like, and any personality particularities or quirks. Continue reading to find out all you should learn about a mink ragdoll cat!

What is Mink Ragdoll?

A mink ragdoll is a special kind of cat that is a ragdoll. There is a common misconception that a mink ragdoll is one particular pattern or color of a ragdoll cat or a distinct cat breed. But, all mink ragdolls can be considered to be pure ragdoll cats. But they have a particular bloodline.

Ragdoll cats are fairly new and have existed since the late 1960s. The breed’s bloodlines are derived from a few carefully chosen cats due to their gentle nature and stunning coloring. In reality, all Ragdoll cat breeds can trace their roots back to one female cat named Josephine, a white, long-haired cat spotted roaming around rural areas around Riverside, California.

Another cat that was a founding member of the Ragdoll bloodline was a black cat named Buckwheat. In the beginning, when developing this Ragdoll breed, Burmese cat breeds played a large part in establishing the look and character of our cat.

Burmese cats possess the gene that helps lighten their natural black coat, giving it a brownish hue. They also have dark spots on their muzzle, legs, ears, and tail. They also have more slender bodies.

The Mink bloodline originated after Burmese cats like Buckwheat were introduced to the Ragdoll bloodline. It is a distinct mix of genes that produces the traditional mink coloring.

They have the Burmese color diluting gene (CBC), and that pointed gene is commonly present in ragdoll bloodlines. The result is a distinct coat pattern only seen in the bloodline of ragdoll cats.

What’s a Mink Ragdoll Cat What Does A Mink Ragdoll Cat Look Like?

Mink ragdolls have more dense and smoother fur than traditional ragdolls. If you are already a fan of ragdolls, you’ll realize how soft all ragdolls are! Mink Ragdolls take this to a higher level, and the moment you rub one on your skin, you can tell the distinction.

Another major distinction between mink ragdolls is the eyes color. Traditional ragdoll cats are famous for their distinct eye color, which is bright blue, but mink ragdolls have a greenish tint to their eye color. The aquamarine color of the eyes blends blue and green, like seeing the ocean on an exotic island!

Although mink ragdolls can be found in the same shades as traditional ragdoll cats, They are usually pointed. The darker fur on a mink ragdoll will likely stand out more and look like an individual has taken a traditional ragdoll and increased the contrast! Their colour is deeper and darker, which gives them an extremely distinctive look.

The final and most important difference between mink and ragdoll cats is how they appear when the kittens are born. Traditional ragdoll cats are born white and develop colour as they age. Mink ragdoll cats are the first to be born sporting coloured fur. However, this may change in hue as the kitten grows.

While this is a distinct bloodline, breeding mink Ragdoll cats is difficult. This is because even if the parents have mink ragdolls, there’s a mere 50 per cent chance that the child will carry the particular sequence of genes needed to produce the traits and colour of a cat named mink.

What is a Furry Mink Cat
What is a Furry Mink Cat

The other kittens from the litter could be traditional ragdolls sporting sharp markings. Some be pale sepia-coloured markings derived from the Burmese bloodline but no pointed markings. These aren’t considered mink ragdolls. Therefore, should you believe a breeder who claims that an animal is at least 50% mink, they are not correct.

Summary: What’s a Mink Ragdoll?

So, as we’ve learned, a mink-coloured ragdoll cat descends from a specific bloodline in this breed, not a specific colour of a ragdoll cat. This bloodline is a result of an influence from the genetics of Burmese cats that was introduced into the bloodlines of ragdolls when the breed was first developed. A mink ragdoll cat will likely possess a darker, deeper coat than a typical cat. It will also be blue-green in their eyes.

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What is what’s the distinction between traditional and mink Ragdolls?

Mink ragdolls have a particular bloodline, resulting in a dark coat and light blue-green eyes. They also have coloured eyes when born, whereas conventional kittens born as ragdolls are white.

What is it that makes a Ragdoll Mink?

A particular sequence of genetic factors must be present to allow a ragdoll cat to be mink. Mink parents are required for both of them, and the kitten should be born with the Burmese coat lightening gene and that of pointed colours from their parents. If neither of these genes is present, the kitten will not be a ragdoll of mink.

How much will an average mink Ragdoll cost?

Mink ragdolls are difficult to breed because there is no assurance that two mink ragdoll parents will result in mink ragdolls. This makes them more expensive because they are usually sought-after. Some purists believe the traditional Ragdoll is more valuable than one made of mink.

What’s the distinction between sepia and mink Ragdoll?

Sepia ragdolls have the Burmese gene that lightens the colour and not pointed colouring that gives it a light coat colour but does not have the distinctive darker points of mink ragdolls. Mink ragdolls inherit the two genes.

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