Kolkata FF FATAFAT Result Today LIVE Tips List Check?

Kolkata Fatafat known as a popular lottery game which can be played within Kolkata. It is played in the Indian City of Kolkata, previously called Calcutta. It is akin to other popular lottery games in India such as Satta Matka and Kalyan Matka.

In Kolkata Fatafat the players pick the numbers they want to bet on and place bets on the selected numbers. Then, at a specific time those numbers that win are selected randomly the players who chosen the winning numbers win the prize. The game is usually played twice a day and there is a number of winners being drawn in the afternoon, and a different set of winning numbers drawn later in the night.

Kolkata FF FATAFAT Result Today
Kolkata FF FATAFAT Result Today

It is essential to understand that gambling, which includes lottery games like Kolkata Fatafat is illegal across many regions of India. So, even though the game is popular in Kolkata but it is not approved or controlled by the authorities.

Visit this page to view this page to access Kolkata FF Result Today and see the winners who have been awarded prizes right away, as well as the numbers they correspond to. This Kolkata FF Instant Result will be announced on the same day So why not try your luck and make the most of the chance to make a fortune? Today, you can look up your Kolkata FF result using your smartphone. Kolkata Fatafat is one of the most renowned lottery game in Kolkata If you believe in the odds, it’s surely worth buying tickets for the Kolkata FF ticket. It is possible that you will be the lucky winner of the prize that won the first time with Kolkata Fatafat.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for information or advice on Kolkata FF or the renowned model Kolkata FF Ghosh Babu, you will be able to find it on this page. Continue to actively participate in Kolkata Fatafat and may luck always be with you!

About Kolkata Ff Fatafat Online?

Kolkata The FF Fatafat lottery online game has been gaining immense popularity in Kolkata. It resembles Satta Matka and is played online, bringing an impressive number of players. The game is played all day long, with the exception of Sundays. It is played over eight rounds. Players can make bets on specific quantity for the round or they can also bet on the Kolkata Ghosh Babu FF Fatafat result is released through the official web site every day.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Online provides the players with a simple way to participate in the game, and get the game’s results in their home. This game is famous for its thrilling game play and the possibility of winning huge prizes. If you trust the odds, it’s worth trying Kolkata FF Fatafat Online a test.

In addition to providing entertaining entertainment Kolkata FF Fatafat Online provides you with the chance to win a significant amount of cash as prizes. So why put off? Get started by playing Kolkata FF Fatafat Online now and increase your chances of winning a substantial prize.

How to Check Kolkata FF Result Online

To verify your Kolkata Fatafat result, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website at www.kolkata.fatafat.com
  2. Find you can find the “Today’s Game Baazi Live Result” option on the home page, and click it.
  3. A new page will pop up, and you’ll must match your numbers to the one displayed on the screen to get the Kolkata Fatafat result.
  4. If your winnings match the one shown on screen that signifies that you’ve won the bet.
  5. Remember that you must examine your result by visiting our official web site.

Kolkata FF Result Today?

Take your time reading because there are some significant aspects in Kolkata Fatafat that will provide you with all the details about this sport.

  • The game has the possibility of betting on 12 different bets which includes 8 bets between Monday and Saturday, and four betting options on Sunday.
  • The timings for betting are set and must be followed by players.
  • Results are only announced via the website of the event.
  • The players must be prepared to spend approximately 30 minutes before they can play the game.
  • The game is played each all week long.
  • Participants must make guesses about numbers. They get a prize if their guesses are in line with the numbers that won.
  • The winning player of Fatafat competition is awarded a prize worth four crore rupees.
  • Furthermore, prizes are offered to those who are on the 5th spot.

In this contest the winner is awarded the top prize. By predicting the numbers accurately you stand a chance to win a substantial sum of cash. The exact amount is contingent on the lottery you take home. With this cash you will be able to fulfill every need. This game, conducted in Kolkata, is the largest government-sanctioned game. Being a winner in this game will not only give you a chance to win an enormous amount of money, but as well other prizes.

Kolkata Fatafat FF Chart Result?

10:1711.45 AM01:15 PM02:45 PM04:15 PM05:45 PM07:15 PM08:45 PM
10:17 AM11.45 AM01:15 PM02:45 PM04:15 PM05:45 PM07:15 PM08:45 PM
10:17 AM11.45 AM01:15 PM02:45 PM04:15 PM05:45 PM07:15 PM08:45 PM
10:17 AM11.45 AM01:15 PM02:45 PM04:15 PM05:45 PM07:15 PM08:45 PM
10:17 AM11.45 AM01:15 PM02:45 PM04:15 PM05:45 PM07:15 PM08:45 PM

KK Fatafat Result Timing

There are eight rounds, referred to in the game as “baazis,” played in the game on a daily basis. The following table shows the timing of each round, which begins in the morning until the evening, which allows you to see the outcomes. In addition, you can go to our website and view the live results from each of these rounds.

Rounds/BaziResult Time
1st10:25 am
2nd11:55 am
3rd01:23 pm
4th02:55 pm
5th04:03 pm
6th05:55 pm
7th07:25 pm
8th08:55 pm

Kolkata Fatafat Result Timings

1st Match10:03 AM
2nd bet11:33 AM
3rd Game01:03 PM
4th Game02:33 PM
5th Game04:03 PM
6th play05:33 PM
7th play07:03 PM
8th bet08:33 PM

If you’ve purchased an lottery ticket You can now view the real-time Kolkata FF result online. The official website has the option to access the results. In spite of the ban on gambling and betting in the country The Kolkata FF lottery game is executed under the supervision of officials from the government. The game lets you play the lottery 8 times per week from Monday through Saturday. Kolkata FF, Kolkata FF tips, FF Kolkata, Kolkata FF Ghosh Babu, Kolkata FF result.

Kolkata FF Result Time Table

The game can be played only four times per Sunday. The timing of Kolkata FF results Kolkata FF results is mentioned on the lottery ticket that you bought. To be able to participate in the game, you have to reside within Kolkata city. The Kolkata FF Results Time Table on your ticket to determine the time for the results of each round. Below is a schedule of the daily results which are published. This game is referred to as Kolkata FF which is called Ff Kolkata, Kolkata FF tips, Kolkata FF Ghosh Babu and Kolkata FF results.

1st Round10:03 AM
2nd Round11:33 AM
3rd Round01:03 PM
4th Round02:33 PM
5th Round04:03 PM
6th Round05:33 PM
7th Round07:03 PM
8th Round08:33 PM

To confirm the results on your ticket to the lottery you can refer to the timetable listed above. Based on the schedule above you are able to check the outcomes for your Kolkata FF Matka game. We’ll provide you with an online link that allows you to verify your results. With these links, you’ll be able to directly access real-time Kolkata FF Matka results on your smartphone. Kolkata The FF Satta game is one of the awaited game by the people in Kolkata, India. To be a part of the contest, players have to buy a lottery ticket and the choice of numbers that you will be playing is completely at your own discretion.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Satta Result

There is a possibility to view your Kolkata FF Fatafat Satta Result on your smartphone. To do that, follow the steps below. Everyday, many inhabitants of Kolkata hope to win a huge prize by playing Kolkata Fatafat Matka. Kolkata Fatafat Matka. The prize for the lottery is different over the course of the duration of. If you’ve also bought tickets for the lottery You are likely anxiously awaiting your Kolkata Fatafat Satta Bazar Result. You can check that the Kolkata FF Result by following the steps below.

To verify your Kolkata FF Lottery Result, follow these steps:

  1. Check out the official web site.
  2. Make sure you have your lottery ticket at hand.
  3. Click the link to view the result.
  4. You will be taken to a page that shows all the winning numbers on the lottery tickets that have won.
  5. Find your lottery numbers by matching the winning numbers shown on the screen.
  6. If you’ve won one of the prizes, you must call the number that is official.
  7. If you want to win any other prizes, call the nearest center.

Kolkata FF Prize Money

If you are interested in purchasing lottery tickets it is essential to know the price. In this case we’ll provide you with information regarding the winnings for Kolkata FF, which is awarded to those who achieve positions between 1st and 5th, as detailed on the following table. We will also give you advice on what to do should you be the lucky winner of the lottery.

Kolkata FF Prize Money

Kolkata FF Purchase Rate6 INR par lottery
Kolkata FF First Prize1 Crore (Tentative)
2nd Prize9000 INR (Tentative)
3rd Prize500 INR (Tentative)
4th Prize250 INR (Tentative)
5th Prize120 INR (Tentative)

If you win the lottery It is vital to visit your nearest lottery office to take the winning ticket. If your lottery numbers match the results and you’ve won the prize, it’s vital to connect with the closest Kolkata Fatafat Lottery office. To find out more you can sign up to the website and submit any questions you have in the comments section that is provided below. The website offers comprehensive information regarding Kolkata FF, Kolkata FF tips, FF Kolkata, Kolkata FF Ghosh Babu along with Kolkata FF results.

The current Kolkata FF Fatafat result: Kolkata FF Fatafat is a very popular lottery game exclusively played in the City of Kolkata. The game is based on speculation and if you can identify the winning numbers there is a chance to win a large amount of cash. It is a Kolkata FF Fatafat game is managed and controlled by the authorities of Kolkata. You are able to participate in this game as many as 8 times a day, from Monday through Saturday, however it’s not played on Sundays.

Kolkata FataFat Result Today


Kolkata FataFat Result Today


Kolkata FataFat Result Today


Kolkata FataFat Result Today


The game referred to by the name Kolkata FF originated between 1995 to 2000. Initially, it was known as “Mini.” It was initially played in Kolkata but then gained popularity after being brought on the scene under the brand name Kolkata FF, named after the band that played it. Since people began to get into playing the sport, it grew well-known.

From where do they get Kolkata FF Result

You can check your Kolkata FF game results on numerous websites, however If you’d like to see the actual results before any other person, go to the official website kolkatafr.in. Furthermore, the site offers free advice to help you prepare for the Kolkata FF game.

Draw TypeLottery
Lottery NameSambad Lottery
Draw date2023
Draw time11.55 am (morning lottery) 4:00 PM (evening lottery) 8:15 9:00 PM (Night lottery)
1st Prize50 lakh
2nd PrizeRs 9000
3rd PrizeRs 500
4th PrizeRs 250
5thRs 120

Kolkata FF Fatafat Lottery Tips And Tricks

There is a lot of excitement in the Kolkata Fatafat Lottery, similar to lotteries in other states, has a lot of traction among locals of West Bengal because of its long-standing presence in the area. While playing this game has brought luck to a lot of people, there is the risk of having to bet on their gold, money or other assets. The game is played according to specific timeslots that allow players the chance to see how luck plays every round. The lucky ones can earn jackpots, however, others will lose their stake. But the odds of making money from Kolkata FF Lottery tips and strategies on the 3rd of July 2022 are greater due to the fact that the game provides eight chances to play throughout the day. Kolkata FF results being announced at the end of every round.

FAQ About Kolkata FATAFAT Result?

Question: What’s the Kolkata FATAFAT’s results?

The answer is: Kolkata FATAFAT lottery is that is played by Kolkata, an Indian city Kolkata. The Kolkata FATAFAT outcome is the winning numbers chosen for each game.

Q: What is Kolkata FATAFAT played?

The answer is: Kolkata FATAFAT can be described as a basic lottery. Participants pick a number from 100 to 99 and put a bet on the number. If the number they chose draws, players will win an amount.

Q: When will Kolkata FATAFAT’s results announced?

The answer is: Kolkata FATAFAT results are typically announced twice per day at 12:30 PM and 9:15 pm Indian Standard Time.

Q Where can I find Kolkata FATAFAT’s results?

The answer is Kolkata FATAFAT’s results are viewed on the official site of the game or on a variety of lottery results websites.

Q What is the method by which Kolkata FATAFAT prize winners allotted?

The answer is: Kolkata FATAFAT prizes are determined by how much placed on the winning numbers. The winnings are divided between all participants who bet on that particular number.

Q: Is Kolkata FATAFAT legal?

Answer: Kolkata FATAFAT is legal in the state of West Bengal, India, where it is played. But it is crucial to remember that laws regarding lottery play vary according to state and country, meaning that it might not be legal in all areas.

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FAQ About Kolkata FATAFAT Result?

Kolkata FF Lottery Result Today Can Be Seen Where?

It Is Checked On Kolkataff.Com

I Want To Play This Lottery On Sunday. Can I?

No It Is Not Possible. Live Result Of Lottery Shuts On Sunday.

How To Check Kolkata FFResult 2023 Online Live?

You Just Need To Open The Website On The Day Of Ticket You Have Purchased. On Top Of The Main Page You Will See Live Results. Refresh It! Ghosh Babu’s Tips Today

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